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M16A1 and M16


Handguards / buttstocks


Pistol grips

* New : Since we have a variety of items for sale some items might go temporarily out of stock.  The item text will be Red with a white highlighted background and will be abbreviated - TOS for temporarily out of stock.  You can call and ask about the parts, and we can give you an estimated time when they will be available again.

* Black M16A1 parts only, Green parts are not available for individual handguards, buttstock, and pistol grip purchase yet. 

* Individual pictures of M16A1 furniture are not available on Mobile devices.  View the M16A1 furniture set page for example pictures.

 * Individual Handguards are Type F handguards - having the "R" and "L" markings and (manufacturing holes) in the heat shield (orignally used from 1971-1982).

 * Scroll down the page for pictures, for more example pictures of parts view the furniture sets page for reference.

Triangular Handguard Set


USGI Armory Upgrade M16/M16A1, Vietnam era, triangular handguard set. 
Hand picked and sorted so the left and right handguard match very well, original finish.
Satisfaction guaranteed, rare, the real thing. Handguards are not demilled. All parts have a glossy black painted finish.


Collectors Grade - $145.00 per set. 
Expert Grade - $105.00 per set. 
Sharpshooter Grade -$85.00 per set.
Marksman Grade - $70.00 per set.

USGI M16A1 Vietnam era buttstock assembly 

USGI M16A1, Vietnam era buttstock assembly, with complete buttplate, rear swivel and screw. Hand sorted.  Brand new plastic trap door. Reparkarized sling swivel and swivel screw.  All parts have a glossy black painted finish.


Collectors Grade - (comes with aluminum trap door assembly) $150.00

Expert Grade - $110.00

Sharpshooter Grade -$90.00

Marksman Grade with M16A2 buttplate - $70.00 / Marksman Grade with M16A1 buttplate - $80.00

USGI M16 Vietnam era buttstock assembly, early model without trap door 

It's very hard to find this early rare stock in the conditions listed below.  All parts have a glossy black painted finish.


 Collectors Grade - $195.00 - TOS 
 Expert Grade - $160.00 - TOS 

 Sharpshooter Grade - $125.00 - TOS 

 Marksman Grade - $95.00 - TOS 

Pistol grip


USGI, M16 / M16A1 / AR15 Vietnam era, pistol grip. Original finish, sharp knurling. Hand picked.  All parts have a glossy black painted finish.

Collectors Grade - 40.00 
Expert Grade - 35.00
Sharpshooter Grade - 25.00
Marksman Grade - 20.00


* None of our parts that we sell will have cracks or missing teeth *


Armory Upgrade handguards, buttstocks, and pistol grips are created by repairing lightly blemished original USGI M16A1 parts.  There should be only minor imperfections for an almost brand new looking M16A1 parts.  The Collectors Grade buttstock will come with a USGI aluminum trap door assembly also.  

The Armory Upgrade Collectors Grade parts will have almost no blemishes.  

The Armory Upgrade Expert Grade parts will have very few blemishes.


The Armory Upgrade Sharpshooter Grade parts might have small dings here and there and might not be as smooth as the higher grades.  

The Armory Upgrade Marksman Grade parts will have small dings and scratches and might not be as smooth as the higher grades.


The best answer is because the Original M16A1 furniture sets are hard to find.  We have a limited quantity of them.  Other websites don't have great quality Original M16A1 parts.  That's why the prices are high.  Armory Upgrade furniture sets are made by refurbishing a lower grade part to make them look great at a decent price to sell. However, refurbishing the part takes away the "Original" quality. Therefore they are less of an Original item and are more of a great looking product.

Why are Armory Upgrade Conditions different than Original Conditions?

*Hover over pictures for individual prices.* 

*Pictures are an example of the items you will receive.*

Collectors Grade

Expert Grade

Sharpshooter Grade

Marksman Grade

Grade D Stock
Grade D Stock
Sharpshooter Grade D Stock
Marksman Grade D Stock

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GI spec. Buffer, tube, spring + short upper buttplate screw.
Everything to complete your U.S.C.O. GI Buttstock..... $42.00 


GI spec. Short upper buttplate screw....$4.00

Other items:

Delta Ring - $7.00

Delta Ring Kit (Includes delta ring, weld spring and handguard snap ring.) - $12.00

Triangular Cap .625" Inside Diameter - $3.00

Triangular Cap .750" Inside Diameter - $3.00

Pistol Grip Screw and Lock Washer - $2.00

M16A2 buttplate housing - $3.00

M16A2 buttplate complete - $12.00

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