M16A1 New Manufacture Pistol Grip


(2 customer reviews)

M16A1 New Manufacture Pistol Grip

2 reviews for M16A1 New Manufacture Pistol Grip

  1. Ronan Tolentino (verified owner)

    This new manufacture version actually looks good in person, even better than advertised on the picture.

  2. Thomas (verified owner)

    Very nice and solid grip. Very clean. Much sturdier and denser than I originally expected. Makes the A2 grips and Magpul K2s I’ve handled seem like flimsy knock offs. (Still love my K2s, though). Exceeds my expectations for sure. I’ve yet to install it on the M16 clone I’m building but I have no doubts it’ll perform exactly as expected.

    Mine did come with a light coating of oil, which I presume is to protect it from the elements and from storage. No big deal. Just a quick wipe off and it’s ready to go.

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