* All these testimonials were before our Marksman Grade through Collectors Grade products.

The quality of parts has not been changed, just the the grading system.  

* These prices are not our current prices.

Very Good condition Armory Upgrade Furniture set

A2 buttplate block used in these pictures.

Total - $220

"In a world of tacticool AR15s with rails and red-dots, I really wanted to make a throwback build to the M16A1 style: lightweight and 1960s space age vintage.  Robert's "Very Good" Armory Upgrade furniture was the pièce de résistance of my build.  The original handguard/stock/grip that came with my retro build parts did not match and were made from different materials and were in poor shape.  The Armory Upgrade from USCO however was perfect: the colors and materials matched, and made the rifle look like it rolled off the line in 1969.  Would recommend this to anyone who wants a sharp looking retro-AR15 build. --Adam"

Good condition Furniture set - $148 

+ $25 for rack number on buttstock 

+ $24 for good condition sling.  Total - $197

Customer from New Jersey

Date - 6/27/2017

Fantastic customer service, above and beyond.  USCO nailed it in helping me build a NJ compliant M16A1 clone.  If you want to build a realistic example of a Vietnam era M16, use real parts.

Customer 2

Date - 3/13/2017

Thanks for the excellent furniture and sling you sent to me.  Here is a photo of my "retro" build I did with your parts and a CMMG 20" .22LR  barrel and bolt set.  Thanks for allowing me to build up a gun that is very unique.

Customer 3

Date - 9/17/2016

Just want to say thanks for having the grips and stock for my AR build , perfect fit and looks really cool.    

All my friends who build AR's were really impressed with the quality of hand guard and stock.

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If you would like a rack number on your Buttstock let us know when you place your order. 

- $25 extra for faded or worn numbers

- $50 extra for great looking numbers

Good + (plus) condition Furniture set - $186 

+ $34 for very good condition sling.  Total - $220

Excellent condition Armory Upgrade  Furniture set - $295 

( - $10 ) for M16A2 buttplate block only Total - $285

He took the A1 pistol grip off and used an A2 in this picture.

Very Good condition Armory Upgrade  Furniture set Total - $220 

Thanks to TheRealCobraBurnout

for making this video on Gunstreamer.com.  Check out his channel for more great videos.

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