USGI Original M16A1 Demilled Furniture Set

U.S. Collectors Ordnance is now selling Demilled M16A1 Furniture sets. We used to only sell the handguards that have been Demilled and we would repair them with some J.B. Weld before selling them. We now sell them with the parts being Demilled but not J.B. Welded. You can view our USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade and Original Repaired handguards section to view those products. Here is an example picture of a repaired handguard below.

What is new about this product is you can buy the whole Marksman Grade set of Original M16A1 Type E buttstock with trap door, Original Demilled M16A1 Triangular Handguards, and Original M16A1 Pistol grip for a low price of $135. This is identical to the Marksman Grade M16A1 set for $195 except for one minor difference.

The difference is shown as an example in the picture below. The heat shield will have a small tear or might be popped off the rivet.  We call this Demilled. These handguards look great and the heat shield difference won’t show when you put the handguards on your rifle.  When assembled on your rifle they will function the same way as a Not Demilled set of handguards. There will be no rattle from a loose heat shield and they will fit the same.