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U.S. Collectors Ordnance Now Carries Springfield Armory Marked 1911 Slides

U.S. Collectors Ordnance is now offering Premium 1911 Slides. All of these have Springfield Armory markings on them. We also carry corresponding barrels and front and rear sights to compliment these slides. All in keeping with our U.S. Collectors Ordnance promise of the highest quality aftermarket gun parts at competitive prices. We will be continually… Read More

USGI Original M16A1 Demilled Furniture Set

U.S. Collectors Ordnance is now selling Demilled M16A1 Furniture sets. We used to only sell the handguards that have been Demilled and we would repair them with some J.B. Weld before selling them. We now sell them with the parts being Demilled but not J.B. Welded. You can view our USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade and… Read More

USCO New Website

U.S. Collectors Ordnance has been continually adding to and improving our website. We needed to create a brand new website so we could accomplish this. We are missing a few products from our old website. Most noticeable would be the USGI M16 Armory Upgrade Type D Buttstock. We will also have the furniture set available… Read More