USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade Handguard Set


USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade Handguard Set


These handguards are 12 inches long and fit the standard length M16A1 rifles. They are authentic USGI.


Armory Upgrade handguards, buttstocks, and pistol grips are created by repairing lightly blemished original USGI M16A1 parts.  There should be only minor imperfections for an almost brand new looking M16A1 parts.

The Armory Upgrade Collectors Grade parts will have almost no blemishes.

The Armory Upgrade Expert Grade parts will have very few blemishes.

The Armory Upgrade Sharpshooter Grade parts might have small dings here and there and might not be as smooth as the higher grades.

The Armory Upgrade Marksman Grade parts will have small dings and scratches and might not be as smooth as the higher grades.


All parts have a glossy black painted finish.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

None of our parts that we sell will have cracks or missing teeth.

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Collector, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman


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