USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade * Repaired * Handguards


Armory Upgrade Condition Repaired

USGI M16A1 Handguards

The handguards shown have been repaired.  The heat shield before might have had a small tear or popped off the rivet.  We call this * Demilled *. All the other handguards we sell are not demilled or * No Demill *. No demill handguards have no damage or popped off rivets on the heat shield.  We have used a tiny bit of J.B. Weld to repair the heat shield back into great shape.  These handguards look great and the heat shield repairs are barely noticable.  They also won’t show when you put the handguards on your gun.

Every set of handguards are $50 less than the not repaired version of Armory Upgrade.

 (There will be a maximum of 2 repaired areas per handguard)

The look of these parts (except for the small repaired areas on the heat shield) are the same as the Armory Upgrade Condition M16A1 handguards on our other pages.

(Look at our USGI M16A1 Armory Upgrade Handguard page for reference).

None of our parts that we sell will have cracks or missing teeth.


Collectors Grade – Parts show almost no wear or use, like new. $120

​Expert Grade – Parts are in Very Good condition, may show light scratching. $80

​Sharpshooter Grade – Parts are in Good to Very Good condition, may show minor scratching or dings. $60

Marksman Grade – Parts are in Good condition, may show a fair amount of scratching or dings. $45

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Collector, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman


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