USGI M16A1 Furniture Set Type E buttstock Marksman Grade Battle Worn


These parts are in fair condition.  All these parts show their age, usage and mottling.  This is an affordable way to acquire the real thing.  There will be no cracks and all the handguard teeth will be intact but could be rounded and frayed a bit.  Included is a picture of a normal looking aluminum heat shield with these older handguards.  It is typical to get handguards with rivets that might have light rust and some of the aluminum may be stained a little from age.  This set will look like they belong together.  These parts are all USGI except for the new plastic trap door and plunger.  They are nearly identical to the original parts and include easier opening features.  These parts will come to you clean and with a light layer of CLP on the surface for preservation.  No Junk.  This stock requires the short upper buttplate screw which is listed separately.    If you have questions, feel free to email or call us before ordering.